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By Bruce Kullberg, Kullberg Designs

The follow is an example of graphic designs for different projects over the years.  Whether it's for a website, social media, business card, stationary, brochure, newsletter, signage or something else, I'll be happy to work with you to bring your message to light. 

Below are examples of custom graphics created for many of our clients. For all the websites we maintain, special graphics are created and customized to promote holidays, special events, recognitions, projects, or other occasions. Providing a personalized touch and regular updates separates their websites from competitions. We also create ads, coupons, and special annoucements to enhance websites and social media outlets. 

You would think we are charging thousands of dollars for these services (like our competition), but this is just not true.  We understand and appreciate that many small businesses and associations don't have lots of money to spend on web development and maintenance.   This is why our pricing is AFFORDABLE, yet PROFESSIONAL.  Simply contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION on how we can bring your website to life, and begin the transformation from painfully boring to amazingly effective! 

Taranto's Pizzeria - Project 

We created Taranto's Pizzeria website several years ago.  The owner needed a website that would be updated as needed, and compatible with different devices especially smart phones.  Updates includes menu changes, restaurant events such as birthday parties, local entertainment, monthly specials, online ordering, and perks rewards.  Almost all the graphics presented on this website are our creations.  Taranto's paid for the original web creation, then pays a yearly maintenance fee.  If there are any special projects beyond the scope of the maintenance agreement, we charge a pre-approved hourly fee.  For a local pizza shop, it is important to keep costs low yet provide updated and current information to it's customers, plus promote all the local events taking place throughout the year at this restaurant.  Below are just a few  examples of images posted on the website: 


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