I’ve been working hard to update this website over the past month. It has a new look and feel to bring Kullberg Designs into 2021. The biggest change was going to from Bootstrap to WordPress platform. Even though I like working in Bootstrap and it has it’s advantages, I wanted to move it to WordPress for several reasons.

The first is options. With WP, I have literally tens of thousands of plug-ins and widgets at my disposal. This affords me a pallet of possibilities that I can utilize when and where needed.

The second is perception. People are familiar with WP, not so much with Bootstrap. So even though I can create a website in Bootstrap for less money, people want what they are familiar with. This is totally understandable. For example, I’ve decided to only offer WP for homeowner associations. I believe in the long run it will be the best decision for everyone involved.

he last point is this gives me the option to demonstrate some of the main features of WP, and implement them into this site. For example, I just added this blog as an integral part of this website. I’ve had a blog for years but it wasn’t part of the main website. And Bootstrap doesn’t offer the blog option. It’s just simple things like this that drove me to make the switch.

So I hope you like my new website! Thank you for visiting us, and hope I can help you with your website needs!