Homeowners Association


We offer over 15 years experience with working directly with Homeowner Associations, and during this time have created and maintain many Homeowner Association websites. What HOA’s like about us is, we not only create the website to your specifications, but we maintain it for you. This frees the trustees from having to keep it updated or be concerned about learning website development.  Please scroll below for more information on how we can help your HOA with creating a new website or updating your existing website. 


Creating Websites

Since 2005 we have been creating websites for homeowner associations.  Whether it’s a few pages or something more elaborate, we work with your HOA trustees to create a website that reflects the integrity and quality of your neighborhood and community. All our websites are compatible with different computers and smart phones so members can access information and resources quickly and effectively.


Many Options

Depending on your association’s needs, we can make your website as simple or elaborate as you require. Whether it’s one page or 100 pages, we will work with you to provide your membership the best and most effective website.  Perhaps a private member’s area to access documents, directories, and special announcements. Or maybe an email sign-up to blast out important updates, special announcements and notices when required.  Or how about a contact form for members to reach out to the board with questions or concerns. Just let us know what you want and we work with you to develop the best plan of action. 


Easy to Budget

With our plans, you can give your members a beautiful and effective website without breaking the budget. Our plans include a one time setup and development fee, then yearly renewals depending on the size of your website and membership. The beauty of our service is you can easily budget for it so there are no surprises.  If you need to add something in the future, no problem – you decide what you want and how much you want to spend. We work with you all the way, all the time. 


Website Updates

We can appreciate your concerns with keeping your HOA website updated, secure and current. One of the benefits of our service is we can maintain it for you. We make sure all the software is updated to keep it secure. We can add, remove and alter any information you want on the website including content, files, documents, pictures, videos, events and more. It’s as simple as send us an email of what you want and we’ll do it for you, usually the same day! Website development is constantly changing, and just keeping up with it can be a full time job.  You don’t have to worry about ‘breaking’ the website since we know exactly what to do when it comes to major software upgrades. You don’t have to worry about who will do it since we are your go-to web person.  All this is INCLUDED with your plan! 

The website updates look great.  Thank you so very much!  – HOA President


Changing Board Members

Not only have we created websites for HOA’s, but have also served on the on the board of our local HOA.  So we appreciate what boards go through every year as trustees leave and new trustees serve.  

What HOA’s appreciate about us is no matter who leaves or joins your board, your website is intact and keeps running without any interruptions. We understand that many trustees are volunteers and only have very limited time to serve. This is very typical since many board members are volunteers. Again, our maintenance program is included in your plan so you don’t have to wonder about who is going to make those changes. 

Wow, that was fast!! Thanks! – HOA Management Company


Total Package

With our plans, we include everything you need for a successful website and maintenance program:  

• Domain Registration (yourname.com) which we can set up for you, or if you already have a domain name, we can have it directed to our hosting; 

• Hosting Services include daily backups, 99.9% up-time, security against cyber attacks, email services, SSL, plus much more; 

• Creation of your unique custom website with pictures of your neighborhood and community, HOA content, local information and resources with as many pages as you need; 

• Maintenance of your website to include software updates, plus listing special events and holidays in your area to keep it fresh and updated. Updates are posted in a timely manner; 

• Many options providing your trustees and membership the platform to communicate effectively including social media and blogging;

As if March 1, 2021, we are creating Homeowner Association websites exclusively in WordPress. This is so we can provide your organization with a high quality product with many more options to optimize your membership organization.  WordPress is compatible with almost all devices and current browsers. Please contact us for a free no-obligation quote, and to receive a special HOA discount!  Thank you!

“Perfect!! Bruce… simply perfect.”  – HOA President