Logo Creations by Kullberg Designs

"We work closely with our clients to evaluate their specific needs and expectations, then offer examples for their feedback. It's a back and forth process to decide on the final logo that best expresses a clients personal and business needs." To find out more how Kullberg Designs can assist you with your logo and design needs, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Thank you!

PROFESSIONAL LOGO with new website only $99 or without new website $179

SPECIAL! Purchase a unique high quality custom logo for only $99.. Based upon the information you provide, I'll create 3 different ideas to select from. Out of the 3, select the best one you like. I'll then do 3 revisions on the one you select based on the feedback you provide, and then select your favorite. I'll do a final revision on the one you select, and email you the logo in PDF, JPG and PGN file format you can use for your website, printing business cards and stationary, and more! You own and have all rights to the logo! To get in on this special, click on the $99 LOGO button to make payment (Paypal). Purchase without a new website only $179. If you are non-profit, we will credit you back any sales tax after proof of non-profit status. Thank you!

Here are a few examples of logo's we created for our clients.   

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