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All websites are custom-created by Kullberg Designs, and are responsive to ensure compatibility with all types of devices and current web browsers!
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EVERY kullberg designs WEBSITE IS CUSTOM BUILT!  MOBILE READY! Since 1991!

Whether it's one page or a dozen, we work with you to create what's best for your business. Why pay for something you don't want or need?

We offer many different options, and can build upon a foundation that will welcome your visitors for many years to come. Some of the basic features include...


We start with a Home page and build upon it depending on what you want

What do you want to say?

If you have a one page website, everything will be accessible from your homepage. If you opt to add more pages, we will link those pages so visitors can easily navigate your website.

top menu

Links to other areas on your page or to other pages. Includes company name, logo, tag line, and phone number.

Easy navigation

If you want a top Navigation Bar, we can utilize it to link areas or pages on your website. We can include social media links, phone number and more. The Navigation Bar is collapsible in mobile view.

high speed hosting

Your website is stored on one of the fastest services available today.

Fast & Reliable

Our platform is powered by Google Cloud running on SSD disks for optimal speed and high-level of redundancy, fastest and best connected networks.

SSL and Security

Rest assured your website is protected 24/7 with SSL and Security

Protecting Your Website

We offer SSL integration, proprietary AI software preventing over 5 million brute-force attacks every day, automatic WordPress updates, run the latest PHP versions, caching, monitor daily software vulnerabilities on a server and website level, and Firewall protection!

Top Banner

Located below the navigation menu. Includes a large background image or color with text.

Connect with your visitor

This is your first chance to connect with your visitors. Content could include company name and mission statement.

domain registration

If you don't have a domain name, i.e. yourname.com, we can help you in selecting a domain name for your website. Besides .COM, we offer domain names for .ORG, .NET and other popular extensions too.

who are you?

You can register your domain yourself or we can do it for you. If we do it, we'll include cost and renewals with our plan. If you already have a domain name, we'll need to point it to your new website when completed.


Search Engine Optimization. Our plans includes basic SEO so search engines will find you.

Improve your rankings

Increase the visibility and rankings of your web through search engines. We also offer extended SEO options to optimize your meta descriptions, images, permalinks, and more in our Options below.


We offer a basic email forwarding with the option to upgrade to more options and features.

More Email Options

If you want, we can set you up with a stand-alone Webmail application allowing all email users to change their password and setup different automation like autoresponders, filters, and forwarders. Your email account is based on your domain name, i.e. president@yourdomain.com.


Present a brief overview of your products or services. Include images with descriptions.

what do you offer?

Highlight your product or service on the homepage so visitors can easily see what you do. By adding an image or video, this will increase interest.

Contact Form

We include a easy to fill out form your visitors can use to send you a message with their their name, email address and message.

Custom Forms

We can customize your form to add more fields, add security and anti-spam options. Just let us know what you need!

Back Ups

We back up your website automatically daily, and are kept for 30 days before rotating off!

Piece of Mind

Backing up your data is essential for the security and uptime of your site. Have a piece of mind knowing we can easily restore your website and emails from the daily backups we make for you. Backups are kept for 30 days after creation.

Social Media

We will display the most popular social media buttons (up to 3) so visitors can easily access your social media sites.

Add More Buttons

We can add more social media buttons. Just let us know what you want. These can be linked to your social media sites or use as a share button. Also, we can add a Facebook live feed to display your FB page on your website. Great way to entice visitors to join your group.


Gallery - Our basic gallery includes up to 6 images with brief description on the homepage. Great way to promote your product or service!

display more pictures

Have more pictures to share? We can create a separate page where we can display many images with a custom header and brief descriptions with a link from menus.


Includes menu options, logo, tag line, contact information - name, address, phone #, and email address at the bottom of the page(s).

Expand Footer options

We can add a Google Map of your location in the Footer. Another option is to have a separate Contact page where we have your contact info, Contact Form, Google Maps, FB Live Feed, and more!


List some of your special clients with their logo, picture and/or brief description on the homepage.

expand client list

We can also expand this to include an automated rotating/scrolling banner showing additional clients with their logo and description.

team pictures

List team members with their picture, title and brief job description.

Add team members

Add an automated rotating/scrolling banner showing adding an additional Team Members, with pictures and descriptions.

staging site

While your website is being built, it is stored on a staging site. This way you can preview it before it officially launches.

Part of the building process

You will have access to see what it looks like during the building process, and to approve it before it is officially launched. Depending on the size of your website, it can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

Peace of Mind

We offer an option to purchase a Maintenance Program. We will keep your website updated and secure so you can concentrate on what you do best - run your business!

as your business grows

WordPress requires constant maintenance. There are platform and security updates, and software upgrades that need our continuous attention. Kullberg Designs will take care of this for you so you have peace of mind knowing it's one less thing you have to worry about!

How can we help you? 

As every business is different, so is a website. With over 30 years of online experience, we can help determine the BEST options to get your business online. or update an existing website.  

Contact us today for a free consultation

FIRST DISCOVERY – Your website is usually the FIRST place someone will find out about your business – an overview of what you offer, how you can help them, and how to get in contact with you.  



FIRST IMPRESSIONS – How you are perceived can make you or break you. That initial impression is so important. This is why we work with you to BEST determine who you are, what you offer, how a customer can reach you, and the best way to translate that on your website. 



Even though social media  and other forms of marketing and advertising are important, all roads lead to your website.  A website is where your clients or visitors will find the MOST in-depth information, resources, and contacts for and about your business. 



We offer low cost options to get your started (believe me, we understand what’s involved with starting a new business and working with a very limited budget).  


As your business grows and expands, so will your website. Just like you car, we keep it ‘tuned-up’ and running smoothly.  When you have a car problem and open the hood, most of us just look at massive metal and wires, and don’t even know where to start.  This is the same with a website!  It’s constantly changing and evolving, and this is our job to keep your website running smoothly.  


On today’s world web, there are constant updates that need to be implemented to keep your website secure and functional. This is part of our MAINTENANCE PLAN that let’s you concentrate on what is important to you – your business – and let’s us concentrate on what we do best – taking care of your website.  



We offer everything from a 1-page informational website to multipage websites with many options and features.  And we do it for a price that will make even the most discriminating accountant blush. We work with HOA’s and HOA Management Companies, too. 


So all we can ask is to contact us via our Contact Form and request a FREE CONSULTATION.  No Pressure.  No Commitment.  No Hard Sell.  Just a fun, relaxing conversation about what you want your website to do.  PERIOD!!