WordPress Special

Get a new customized WordPress website! THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER THAT COULD EXPIRE AT ANY TIME! SIGN UP NOW! We can provide you more options and flexibility. As your business or organization grows we can continue to add other features like eCommerce, Membership options, Blog, User Management & Marketing, Emails, plus much more!  There are over 50,000 plug-ins and widget available so the possibilities are endless! 

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Domain Name & Hosting Included

We will register your unique domain name (yourname.com) plus special WordPress hosting in our plan. If your domain is already registered, we'll point it to our hosting. Our hosting is required for this plan.

Up to 5 Pages

Select what pages you prefer - Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Documents, Newsletter, Social Media, Contact Us or other page names. We will provide updates for those pages at no additional charge, saving your time and money!  

Keep You Updated & Safe

We will provide your Maintenance, Software and Plug-in Updates, Security against Cyber Attacks, SSL (HTTPS), and Backups at no additional charge.  We provide basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with every plan.                


We can take your website to the next level by providing Plug-in's and Widgets, i.e. eCommerce, Private Membership Area, more pages, etc. for an additional fee. 

We will create and maintain your unique website that is mobile-ready. Your custom designed website will be updated and maintained for you at no additional charge, saving time and money! Your website will be built on the latest WordPress Platform (safe & secure). Receive over $2000 in products and services for FOR ONLY $99 per month (plus a one-time Setup Fee of $199.) Paypal subscription required which will be set up once you pay first month. Price may not include sales tax. SAVE OVER $1000 THROUGH THIS SPECIAL OFFER!!

While you manage your business, we will manage your website!

WordPress Platform Special Overview and Disclaimer:

Kullberg Designs will create a unique custom website for your business as outlined above. First month is $298 (one-time $199 setup fee + $99 first month subscription fee.) After the first month, you will be charged $99 per month via our subscription service.  

Kullberg Designs requires your domain name and hosting is created and stored on our service, UnicomWeb/Unicom Services which we will create for you (we will also point your domain name to our servers if stored elsewhere.)  Your package includes a free domain name creation with registration (or point to our server), free secure website hosting, SSL certificate (HTTPS), up to 5 webpages including menu, footer, header, articles, images (up to 10 portfolio image), testimonials, team, contact form, social media links, and documents (PDF format). Your website will be compatible with modern desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and current browsers. Other options available - just let us know what you need!   

Most WordPress projects take 14 - 21 days from receipt of payment and depending on how fast you can provide us your information, i.e. content, images, etc. that you want on the website, plus we provide additional basic content and images to help with the creation of your website. We will maintain and update your website (software updates and security issues), plus provide up to 1 hour of content changes and updates to your website per month at no additional charge. All content and images must be sent to us via email only, and updates are usually posted either same day or within 24 hours of receipt depending on when we receive it.   

WordPress (latest version) is built upon the latest HTML, CSS and JS framework engine design for secure, responsive, mobile compatibility. It is stored on our server and we update for you to insure compatibility and security. It's very responsive and compatible with all devices.  

You can cancel anytime you want but setup fee and current month subscription fee is not refundable, or any previously paid monthly subscription fees if applicable. Your subscription will start 30 days after you sign up. Non payment of your subscription will end our agreement, and your website will be deactivated until payment is received. There is a $29 fee to reactiviate your website. If payment is not received within our grace period of 15 day of deactivation, your website will be removed. If removed and you wish to have it reactivated, you must purchase the package again for $249 to reinstall website and hosting. We are not responsible for any issues arising from Internet connections and services, banking or credit card companies. By purchasing our service you agree to our Terms of Service.  

We offer other add-ons and features not listed in this special which are available at an additional cost, i.e. Private Membership, eCommerce, Custom Forms, Email Accounts, WordPress, etc.   

As with all our valued customers, we will work with you to present a professional and effective website at a very affordable price. 

While you manage your business, we will manage your website! 


We offer many other options for your website needs, from one-page layouts to full eCommerce sites. For a complete overview of other options in Bootstrap or WordPress, please click here >

ALL FOR ONLY $99 per month plus a one-time setup fee of $199. Paypal subscription required which will be set up once you pay first month. Sales tax might be added to total price. SAVE OVER $1000!! THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER THAT COULD EXPIRE AT ANY TIME! SIGN UP NOW!